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Interested in our online arbitrage services but not quite ready to commit on a monthly basis? Several times a week we offer single "a la carte" lists. You can pick and choose as you go purchasing on one day and not on another. And you can review the ROI, PPI and category rank prior to purchasing! Visit our Gumroad site and subscribe to receive immediate updates each time we post a list as copies are limited in order to keep the finds exclusive. You can also subscribe to many of our basic services via Gumroad utilizing a credit card as an alternative to Paypal payment.


A list of products delivered once a day, directly to you through email.

Virtual assistant collectives that focus on locating and sharing products for resale, trading tips & advice regarding E-commerce and networking with other online sellers.  

An informational page of valuable links and resources to aid you in growing your online business.

Our Services

At Elite Product sourcing we offer an array of services to aid Amazon FBA sellers in locating products to purchase and resell in various online marketplaces.

Our staff is comprised of part-time and full-time Amazon and eBay sellers with extensive experience in selling products in online marketplaces. With over 30 years of active experience and millions of dollars in sales, our product finding specialists are extremely well versed in analyzing marketplace trends and locating Profitable products.