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product SOURCING for AMAZON FBA & Other online marketplaces

product SOURCING for AMAZON FBA & Other online marketplaces

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At Elite Product sourcing we offer an array of services to aid Amazon FBA sellers in locating products to purchase and resell in various online marketplaces.

Our staff is comprised of part-time and full-time Amazon and eBay sellers with extensive experience in selling products in online marketplaces. With over 30 years of active experience and millions of dollars in sales, our product finding specialists are extremely well versed in analyzing marketplace trends and locating Profitable products.

At VA RENTALS we offer an array of Virtual ASsistant Outsourcing services related to amazon FBA & MULTIPLE FACETS OF Ecommerce.

Our staff is comprised of part-time and full-time Virtual Assistants with extensive experience in Amazon product sourcing, merch by amazon t-shirt designing, T-Shirt Product listing SEO and various other areas related to running your ecommerce business or selling goods online.  

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  • ​We specialize in helping Amazon FBA sellers to locate RA, OA and wholesale products to purchase & resell in various online marketplaces.
  • From our free Facebook group to our premier sourcing packages we provide Amazon sellers with information, tips, videos & product finds to help you take your online business to the next level.

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  • This group is for the Merch by Amazon and VA Outsourcing divisions of VA Rentals.
  • Not only do we share information about growing your Merch by Amazon t-shirt business but we discuss designing other products as well as selling print on demand items in other marketplaces.
  • We also provide a variety of virtual assistant outsourcing services related to all facets of Amazon FBA.


T-SHIRT designs for merch by amazon & Other online marketplaces

From instant upload POD design packs to scalable design templates - we help you automate & scale your business with quality products, at record speeds. Let us get your P.O.D. empire popping!

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